How to Change the Google Chat Status Green Dot Icon

By Micah McDunnigan

Changing your status is an easy way to let employees know not to message you right now.
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While it is important to keep open lines of communication with your employees throughout the day, there are times when you just need to be undisturbed to get things done. If you use Google Talk or Google Chat for messaging with your office, you can signal that you don't want to receive messages by changing the green icon status. All you have to do is click on the status menu and pick a new status to display.

Step 1

Log in to Google Chat from either Gmail or Google + or log in to Google Talk through the standalone application.

Step 2

Click on the green dot icon next to your profile picture.

Step 3

Select your desired status from the drop-down menu that appears. You can also choose to write a custom message with either a green or red dot. Once you choose your status, the green dot will change.