How to Change the Genre on an iPod

by Steve Gregory

When the music on your iPod is categorized in the wrong genre, it reduces the effectiveness of the "Genres" filter, making it difficult to find specific kinds of music on your device. Music imported into iTunes from audio CDs and pre-release singles are examples of content that can be inadvertently categorized in the wrong genre. You can change an album or a song's genre on your iPod by using the Get Info utility in iTunes and transferring the changes back to your device.


Launch iTunes on your computer and select "Music" from the Library drop-down box to open the Music library.


Click the "Songs" or "Albums" tab and navigate to the song or album that you want to edit.


Right-click on the album or song and select "Get Info."


Click the "Info" tab, and then click the arrow in the "Genre" drop-down box.


Select the new genre from the list of available options. If the list does not have the genre you are looking for, enter its name directly into the Genre box. Click "OK" to save the new genre type.


Connect your iPod to the computer and wait for iTunes to recognize the device.


Click the "IPod" button to display the Summary window, and then click the "Sync" button. The changed genre information for the song or album will transfer to your iPod during the synchronization process.


Disconnect your iPod from the computer when the synchronization process completes.


  • close The music on your iPod must already be synced with iTunes on your computer before you can make any changes.
  • close Information in this article applies to iTunes 11 and an iPod running iOS 6. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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