How to Change the Frequency on the Motorola Radius CP100

By Mandy Slake

The Motorola Radius CP100 two-way radio allows you to set channel frequencies for minimum interference. Some versions have multiple channels, which allows you to set each channel to a different frequency. The CP100 is intended for commercial use in retail operations, warehouses and other businesses that require rugged equipment. You can set the CP100 to 27 VHF frequencies, and 56 UHF frequencies.

Step 1

Turn off the CP100.

Step 2

Press and hold the "PTT" and "MON" buttons while turning the radio back on.

Step 3

Release the buttons when you hear a beep and the screen shows a "PROG" icon.

Step 4

Press the "+" or "-" button to select the channel on multi-channel models.

Step 5

Press the "MENU" button and a "FREQ" icon will appear on the screen.

Step 6

Press the "+" or "-" button to change the frequency.

Press and hold the "PTT" button to exit the programming mode.