How to Change the Font Size on a Nook

By William Pullman

You have six to eight font-size options depending on your Nook model.
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Barnes & Noble includes several text settings on the Nook line of e-readers to make reading more comfortable, including a text size option. If you're having trouble reading e-books at the default font, you can increase or decrease the font size to improve your reading experience. Font-size changes are applied to the Reader application and affect all books that allow editing of the font size.

Nook First Edition

Step 1

Open a book to start the Reader application.

Step 2

Tap "Preferences" and then "Text Size" on the color touchscreen. A list of the six text size options appears. Your options are "Extra Small," "Small," "Medium," "Large," "Extra Large" and "Extra Extra Large."

Step 3

Touch the text size that you want to use.

Nook Color, Tablet, Simple Touch, HD and HD+

Step 1

Open a book to view the Reader application.

Step 2

Touch the screen to view the menu at the bottom of the screen and then tap the "Text" icon. A window appears over the book with different text options. Across the top of the window is a row of instances of the letter "A," all of which are different sizes.

Step 3

Tap the "A" that's the size that you want your text. The book's text behind the window changes to match your selection.

Step 4

Touch the screen outside of the window to make the window disappear.