How to Change the Font in the Citrix Application

By Tara Cantore

The Citrix Management Console application allows users to remotely manage Citrix-based servers and appliances with a command-line only interface. The Citrix Management Console uses the default "System" font when first installed. You can adjust this by changing the console settings configuration.

Step 1

Open the Start menu and type Citrix Management Console. Press "Enter."

Step 2

Click "Tools," then "Settings," then "Configuration."

Step 3

Click "Console Font" from the select box.

Step 4

Click "Modify" and select a new font face from the drop-down list of installed fonts. You can change the color by clicking the "Change color.." button to open a new color selection palette.

Click "OK" to save your configuration changes. When you return to the console window, the font will be modified.