How to Change an EPS File Into a JPEG or PDF

By Amy Dombrower

The EPS file extension stands for Encapsulated PostScript. It is most often used for vector-based graphics, such as files created in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. EPS files are usually used to import a vector graphic into another document, such as an Adobe InDesign, Quark or Word file. EPS files can be scaled down because it is vector-based and not affected by resolution. However, you can change the file to a JPEG or PDF file, which may be useful if you need send a copy of the graphic to someone by email. One of the best ways to do so is to open the EPS file in a graphics program, such as Illustrator or CorelDraw, or a photo editor such as Photoshop. If you don’t have access to the program, however, you can use a free conversion tool to convert the file right away.

In Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator. Choose “File, Open” to select an EPS file. Click “Open.”

Step 2

Select “File, Export.” Choose a destination folder for the file. Enter a new file name if you want. Select “JPEG” from the “Save as Type” options to save the file as a “JPEG.” Click “Save.”

Choose “File, Save as” to convert the file to a PDF. Choose a destination folder and type a filename. Select “Adobe PDF” as the format. Click “Save.” Click “Save PDF.”

In CorelDraw

Step 1

Open the EPS file in CorelDraw.

Step 2

Click “File, Export.”

Select “JPEG” as the file format. Type a filename and click “Save.” Likewise, choose “PDF” as the file format to convert to PDF instead.

In Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2

Choose “File, Open” to import the EPS file.

Step 3

Select the EPS file from your computer. Click “Open.” Specify the resolution and dimensions you want to use.

Click “File, Save as.” Under “Save as Type,” choose “JPEG” or “Photoshop PDF,” and click “Save.”

Conversion Tool

Step 1

Log on to a free online conversion tool. Some converters you can use directly online and others you have to download.

Step 2

Select the EPS file you want to convert.

Select the file type to which you want to convert (JPEG or PDF). Click “Convert.”