How to Change to English From French in an Acer Laptop

by Chad Anderson
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One of the biggest advancements in modern software is localization. This enables a single software product to be populated with languages from around the world without having to rewrite the entire code. Microsoft Windows, the only operating system shipped with Acer laptops, comes with language packs for users of the Ultimate edition. English is universally available with the Ultimate edition, so changing the operating system's language display can be done without having to download any additional software.

Step 1

Navigate to the Windows icon in the lower-left corner and select the "Control Panel" or "Panneau de configuration" in French.

Step 2

Click the "Clock, Language, and Region" icon or "Horloge, langue et region" in French, then click the "Regional and Language Options" or "Options regionales et linguistiques" in French.

Step 3

Click the "Keyboards and Languages" tab or "Claviers et langues" in French.

Click the drop-down to change the language to "English" or "Anglais" under the "Language Setting" labeled "Langue d'affichage" in French, then click "OK" to save your changes.


  • Unless you use Windows 7 Ultimate, you won't be able to switch from French to English if the system's original, default language wasn't English. International versions of Microsoft Windows 7 Basic don't come with language pack support. Alternatively, you can install Vistalizator, a freeware application which allows you to switch to other languages in other versions of Windows 7 and Vista (see Resources).


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