How to Change Email on LinkedIn

by Shawn Farner

If you've recently changed jobs or personal Internet service providers, you can edit your LinkedIn account to use your new email address. LinkedIn connection requests, private messages and other types of communications use your email address as a notification method, so it is important to keep your email address up to date in the LinkedIn system.


Browse to the LinkedIn home page at and sign in to your account.


Hover over your name near the top, right-hand corner of the screen and click on the "Settings" link.


Click the "Change" link next to the "PRIMARY EMAIL" heading located under your name and profile picture.


Type your new email address into the provided box and click the "Add email address" button. LinkedIn will send a confirmation email to your new address.


Check your new email account and click the confirmation link located inside the email from LinkedIn. This will confirm your new email address and save it.

About the Author

Shawn Farner is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English in 2008. His writing has appeared on, and He currently resides in Harrisburg, Pa.