How to Change the DVD Region on Sony DVD Players

by Shea Laverty
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A DVD region code limits a DVD to play in a matching player as the codes on discs and machines vary around the world. For example, if you move from the United States to Korea and bring either your DVD collection or your DVD player with you, the region codes won't match and you'll be out of luck unless you change the region code on your player. Using the Insignia NS-DVD1 as an example, the process of changing your region code is a snap.

Step 1

Go to and use their DVD hack database search. Enter your DVD player's precise make and model number (for example, "Insignia NS-DVD1") into the search field and hit "Search". (See link in Resources, below).

Step 2

Remove any disc still in the player and switch it to standby or off mode.

Step 3

Turn on the player and press the open tray button on the remote control.

Step 4

Press 9, 7, 3, 5 on the remote control and wait for the region code box to appear on-screen.

Step 5

Use the up and down arrow keys on the remote to change the region code on the machine to the desired region code. A list of region codes is included below in Resources.

Step 6

Press the "Enter" button on the remote. This will close the disc tray.

Test the changed region code with a matching disc. If the hack is successful, the disc will run in your machine.


  • Always be aware that just because you are changing the region code on your DVD player doesn't mean that it will play perfectly. The video format is also something to consider, as NTSC, PAL and MULTI are all differing video formats which will display differently on TVs that don't match.
  • Not all models of DVD player have documented hacks to open the region code selection option.


  • This article uses the Insignia NS-DVD1 as an example. The actual procedure for your DVD player will vary depending on the make and model. Be sure to look up your exact player when using the database.
  • Make sure the model number you look up is an exact match. Using the Insignia as an example, the NS-DVD1 works with this hack. However, if this model is replaced with a nearly identical model, the NS-DVD1A, the procedure will vary.
  • While you may want to change the region code to specifically fit whatever disc you are watching, it may be more convenient to simply set your player to Region Code 0, also known as region-free mode. In this mode, the player will play a disc from any region code.
  • Some DVDs feature an additional layer of coding that prevents play on a region-free machine, even if it is a machine that was sold as region-free and not hacked. However, setting the region code to the region the disc requires for play should correct this issue.


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