How to Change a Drivers License Address Online

By Charlie Gaston

Change Your Address Online Today!

A person would need to change his address with the Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) to ensure any communication between the DMV and the resident is not interrupted, update DMV records for any registered vehicles in the resident's name as well as request a new drivers license or state ID. In many cases, changing an address on a driver's license will result in the DMV notifying the Secretary of State of a voter change of address. This only applies to persons registered to vote in that state.

Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles website in your state. For example, a resident in California wanting to change the address on his driver's license must contact the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles to do so.

Access the online DMV change of address system.

Enter your driver's license number. For example, enter "A5555555" without spaces. Or as directed by the online DMV change of address system in your state.

Enter your last name, first name and middle initial in the provided boxes.

Enter your date of birth. For example, "01/01/1960." In most cases, a month, day and year box will be provided for each entry, respectively.

Enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. For example, "1234."

Enter the issue date for your driver's license. In most cases, a month, day and year box will be provided for each entry, respectively. For example, "11/22/09."

Choose the change of address option that applies to you. For example, "Change BOTH Driver License/ID Card & Vehicle/Vessel Address," "Change Driver License/ID Card Address Only," or "Change Vehicle/Vessel Address Only." Select the appropriate option and then click, "Change Address." Or the appropriate button that allows you to continue with the change of address process.

Enter your previous address.

Indicate which address, mailing address and/or residence address that you want to change. If both, select "Change." Follow the on-screen directions and read all instructions that appear.

Enter the new or current residence address.

Verify the information has been entered correctly. Edit as necessary.

Review the terms and conditions of the online DMV change of address system. Accept the terms and conditions to continue.

Confirm if you want the DMV to notify Secretary of State (voter registration) with your new address information.

Submit the information.

Print the change of address transaction page. There is no fee to change an address online. The term transaction is used only by the DMV to indicate that a service is performed. Write the date and time of the transaction. For example: 2009-07-08 23:06:29.123456