How to Change a Dell Boot Order

By Joshua Benjamin

Change a Dell Boot Order
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The boot order tells your computer which devices it should check first for bootable material. These devices include your computer's CD-ROM drive, the hard drive, any USB or external storage devices, and the network--if applicable. Each computer manufacturer typically has a slightly different way of modifying the boot order, though they all follow the same basic formula of "enter Bios, change order."

Turn on your computer.

As soon as you are prompted, press the key to enter your BIOS settings. This key may be different on many machines, but the usual keys that enter the BIOS are F12, Del, Enter or F2.

Page through the menus in the BIOS until you find the "boot order" menu.

Use the on-screen instructions to select your boot order and change the order around to your taste.

Save your changes and exit your BIOS settings. Your computer will now restart and use the new boot order upon startup.