How to Change Internet Explorer's Default Search Engine Setting

By Zicheng Ren

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and choose Manage add-ons from the Tools drop-down list.


As an alternative, press Alt-X to open the Tools menu.

Step 2: Choose Search Providers from the list of Add-on Types on the left of the window to open the settings for search engines.


Step 3: Select from the list the search engine you want to use and click Set as default. For example, replace the default search engine Bing with Google. Use the Remove button to delete unwanted search engines.

Choose a search engine and select


Check the Status column to see which search engine is the default. The word "Default" appears next to the search engine that is the current default.


You cannot delete the search engine being used as the default. First change the default to another search engine and then delete the original default search engine.


When you type words into the address bar of IE to search, icons of available search engines, with the current default outlined, appear at the bottom of the list of suggested search terms, as well as an Add button to add to the list of available engines. You can also access the Add button by simply clicking the down arrow in the search bar.