How to Change a Default Frequency on a Satellite Sirius

By Susan Reynolds

Sirius radios use satellites to broadcasts stations.
i satellite image by Clark Duffy from

The Sirius satellite radio is a type of paid subscription radio that broadcasts not only music, but spoken words, shows and other types of entertainment. Sirius radios have a preset frequency that they turns to whenever you turn them on. When you first hook up the Sirius radio, the default preset is station 88.1. The Sirius radio has an FM transmitter, which sends the music to the car's radio. If you want to change the default frequency to another station, you only need to change some settings on the radio.

Power off your Sirius radio.

Scroll through your FM car radio to find a station with no broadcast. Leave the dial on this station.

Set this radio station as a preset on your car radio.

Power on the Sirius radio.

Go to "Settings > FM Frequency" and tune the dial to match your FM radio frequency. This is now the default station.