How to Change a Default File Name in Word

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When you are working with any sort of template in Microsoft Word 2003, you will notice that a default file name is set for each type of document when you go to save for the first time. You can choose to change the default file name in Word using the instructions below so you can customize what comes up when you go to save.

Start Microsoft Word and open a template file that you want to change the default file name of. All of the template files will end with the .doc file extension.

Choose the "File" menu and click on "Properties" to open the "Properties" dialog box. This dialog box contains all the properties for the template file that you currently have open.

Click the "Summary" tab, located in the "Properties" dialog box. This displays the summary information for the template you have open.

Select the text in the "Title" text box so the text is highlighted. The text you see is the default file name for the template file you have open.

Type the new name you would like to use as the default file name. As you begin to type, the text you have selected deletes and your custom file name replaces it. Do not include the .doc file extension after you have typed the new name.

Click "OK" and the "Properties" dialog box closes, allowing you to return to your template.

Choose the "File" menu and click "Save" to save the property changes you have made to the template. The next time you go to save a new document using the template, the new default file name displays.

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