How to Change a Crate Limo Battery

By Matt Wooddy

The Crate Limo is a small, portable amplifier that uses a rechargeable battery for power. This amplifier features a 10-inch speaker with a strong outer case that may be positioned in any number of ways. Even though this particular amplifier is compact in design, the built-in DSP effects, two channels and both XLR and quarter-inch inputs suggest its professional capabilities. While the battery is rechargeable, there are a number of scenarios, such as overheating or extended battery life, that may require you to change this power source.

Step 1

Charge the battery for 6 hours to make sure that the battery is not just low. There is an LED indicator on the rear of the Crate Limo amplifier that shows battery life. Connect the charger to a working wall outlet. If the LED indicator remains red or never illuminates at all after charging, replace this battery.

Step 2

Unscrew all of the rear panel screws that hold the casing of the Crate Limo amplifier together. Set these screws aside, as you will need them when reinstalling this back piece. Carefully remove this part from the amp and set it aside.

Step 3

Disconnect the factory-installed 12V battery from its rear plug connector. Dispose of this old battery according to environmental regulations, do not just throw it away in standard trash can. Connect the new battery to the Crate's rear connection. Push back into the amplifier, then replace the rear panel. Secure with the original screws.

Step 4

Contact Crate directly if you do not feel comfortable replacing the battery yourself. Products such as amplifiers may have extended warranties, but user maintenance sometimes voids these warranties, rendering them useless. Call Crate directly at 1-800-738-PARTS (7563) for any further needs.