How to Change the Country on a TomTom

By Michael Jones

You can change the country on your TomTom in a few simple steps.
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The TomTom is an automotive navigational system used to help drivers find their way around. There are maps and popular destinations pre-loaded into the system, and drivers can use it as a digital map. It is about the size of a smartphone or PDA device and simply hangs onto the inside of your windshield. There may be times when you notice that your TomTom is set to the wrong country. Changing it to the correct country is simple and won't take you much time at all.

Step 1

Turn on your TomTom and go to "Change Preferences."

Step 2

Under the "Change Preferences" menu, click "Manage Maps."

Step 3

Select the "Switch Maps" option.

Step 4

Highlight the country you would like to change to and then select it.

Step 5

Save your changes.