How to Change Which Page My Computer Opens Up to First

By Alexandra Haller

The web page your computer opens up to first is typically called your home page or your start page. Generally, if you have not specified a particular web page that you would like displayed upon starting your browser, it will open to a default page. However, since this is the first page you see, it makes sense to dedicate your home page to one that you use often. Perhaps you want your home page to be for your email account, a weather update or the news. You can pick any page on the Internet to be your home page.

Step 1

In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options. This will open a small window where you can manipulate everything regarding your online use. Click the left-most tab, labeled General, to access your home page status. Enter the URL of the page that you want to be displayed when you open your Internet browser. Include all letters, such as http:// and www. If you select Default, you will be directed to a Microsoft page. When you have entered the URL, click the Apply button. Now the new page will become the page your computer opens up to first.

Step 2

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, access the opening page information by clicking on the wrench icon (for tools), located on the upper-right corner of your window. Then choose Options and select the Basics tab. In the Home Page section, mark the circle for Open This Page. Enter the web address of the page you want your computer to open to in the allotted space. Then check the circle to display the Home button on your main toolbar. Select Close. Now your computer will always open to the page you selected. You can also access that page no matter where you are by clicking on the Home icon.

Step 3

Within the Mozilla Firefox browser, select Tools and then Options. In the Options window, click the Main tab. Enter the web page you want to display upon starting the Internet in the Home Page box. Use the http:// and www. parts of the web address. If you select the default page, the Mozilla main page will display. When you have entered the correct information, click OK and close out of the Options window.

Step 4

For Mac users with the Safari browser, select Preferences > General. In the Home Page section, type the URL of the page you want to become your start page in the text box. Close out of the window, and your new preferences will be applied.