How to Change Colors on the iPhone Calendar

By Chad Anderson

Most standard calendar applications allow users to color code their tasks based on the type of calendar they add the event to. While the iPhone's Calendar application has the ability to color code calendars, you cannot change the color settings on the iPhone itself. Some users have created "hacked" workarounds, but they all require a jailbroken iPhone because they modify system files via a command prompt. The only way to change the colors without modifying your iPhone is through iCal, Apple's desktop Calendar application.

Step 1

Launch iCal from the "Applications" folder in Finder.

Step 2

Control-click the calendar you want to change, then click "Get Info" from the context menu.

Step 3

Click the Color Palette drop-down box to the right of the calendar's name in the Get Info menu.

Step 4

Click a swatch to choose the new color, or click the "Custom" button to pick a custom color.

Click the "Ok" button, then connect your iPhone to the computer and sync using Apple iTunes.