How to Change the Color of a Status Bar on Android

By Ashley Poland

Many carriers modify the look of the Android system to fit their branding tools.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of the perks to the Android mobile system is total customization. You can find an app to replace every stock application that comes on your Android device, including the status bar. Using a status bar replacement application, you can change not just the background of the status bar but also the look of the icons and which icons appear on the status bar. You do not need to root your Android phone to install a status bar replacement application.

Status Bar Replacement Applications

You can find several status bar management and customization applications for Android, each with a different set of tools and features. For free (but ad-supported) applications, you might consider Super Status Bar or Omega StatusBar. Both offer premium versions of the app that remove ads and add extra features. However, you can use the free version for as long as you want. In both cases, the ability to change the color of the Android status bar is a free feature. For premium apps, StatusBar+ and Notification Bar Deluxe offer a wide range of tools and features, including information management from the notification menu. These apps are all available from the Google Play store (links in Resources.)

Choosing an Application

There's more to most status bar management applications than the ability to change the status bar color on your Android phone. These apps often allow you to add status items to your notifications bar, change the icons that appear and even change the colors of your icons so that they work with the color of your status bar. Select an application that meets your needs and works well with your phone. If you just need basic status bar changes, choosing a free app may be more effective than choosing a premium app with dozens of features and tools.

Themes Versus Customization

Status bar replacement apps have two methods of customization: themes or individual color selection. Themes are more comprehensive and will also change the color of your icons and the appearance of icons. Theming is available as a premium feature in Super StatusBar, while the ability to change the color of the status bar individually is a free feature. Omega Status Bar and Notification Bar Deluxe both use themes as the default for changing your status bar color. Themes offer less overall control over every nuance but are generally easier to implement.


The more applications you have running, the more memory your phone uses. With too many applications running, your phone may become unresponsive. When you replace the stock apps on your Android phone, including the status bar, it's possible you'll notice a small drop in performance -- especially if you're using a lower-end Android device. Also, if you're using a status bar that is free but ad-supported, the developer may include ads for unrelated products in the notification menu. These ads can be removed by purchasing the premium version of the application. While status bar applications usually only cost a couple of dollars, your mileage may vary as to whether the cost is worth the customization of your status bar.