How to Change Code for Garage Door Opener

By Deb Katula

Change the code for your garage door opener regularly as a security precaution.
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Besides providing shelter for your car and a place to store stuff, garages also provide easy access to homes for potential break-ins. One way to prevent burglars from getting access to your home is to change your garage door opener code regularly. Changing your garage door code is easy and provides additional home security and safety for you and your family.

Remove the cover of your garage door remote control.

Locate the code wheel inside the remote. This wheel is similar to the one you'll find in the actual garage door opener.

Choose a new code, and reset the remote opener.

Climb up to your garage door opener, and locate the code wheel. Reset this code to match the new code on the remote opener. If you cannot locate the code wheel, check your manufacturer's guide or website.

Reprogram any car internal access remotes to the new code. If you cannot remember how to do this, check your automobile manual.