How to Change Your Charter Cable IP

By Chester Rockwell

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Your IP address is a unique identifier issued by your Internet service provider. An IP address from Charter Communications will have the same format as an IP address issued by any other Internet provider, for example "" Each set of numbers in between each period can be anywhere from one to three integers. Many Web services use your unique IP to authenticate you as a user of your machine. Changing your IP can help to reset some of these authentication settings and make your computer appear as a fresh, new device to whatever network you are connecting to.

Step 1

Click on the "Start" menu at the bottom-left corner of your screen and select "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click on the menu item named "Network and Sharing Center" or "Network and Internet." The name of the menu item will vary depending on what view of the control panel you have set.

Step 3

Select "Connect to the Internet" in the "Choose a connection option" menu list and then click "Next."

Step 4

Select "No create a new connection" on the screen that follows Step 3 and click "Next."

Step 5

Click "Broadband (PPPoE)" under the "How do you want to connect?" menu and click on "Next."

Step 6

Enter "Charter Broadband" into the "Connection name" and ensure that the "Allow other people to use this connection" check box is checked. Click "Connect" to proceed.

Step 7

Allow the "Connecting to Broadband Connection" screen to complete the automated process, which will release your current IP and assign a new IP to your computer.