How to Change a Certificate Password

By Jamie M. Kisner

Changing a certificate password on a Windows computer can be achieved within minutes when you know what steps to take. IBM has a help information center that describes the process. Typically, a sensitive document needs to be adjusted for security purposes (i.e., network breach prevention). Password updates could be company policy as well. Therefore, changing a certificate password can be fundamental to averting business risk.

Step 1

Open the 'Start' menu on a Windows computer. Click on 'Program's to begin the update. Find 'Administration' and 'Certificate Management' to begin changing a certificate password.

Step 2

Click 'Communication' followed by 'Security'. You must indicate that you want to make the change.

Step 3

Click to 'Show Client Certificate'.

Step 4

Find the 'Certificate' option and type in the current password. Type in a new one that you desire.

Step 5

Click on 'View Certificate'.

Click 'Settings' to make adjustments to the certificate permanent.