How to Change CBZ to JPG?

By Dan Howard

You can access a CBZ file's JPG contents with a simple file rename.
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The CBZ file format stands for Comic Book Zip, and the file contains just that: compressed image files inside a ZIP file. Although these files are designed for use with special comic book zip reading software, you can access a CBZ file's contents in a Windows Explorer browser by simply renaming the file extension to ZIP. Once the file is renamed, you can open the file, and extract the JPG images for use in any image viewer application.

Hold the Windows logo key and press R simultaneously to open a run command box.

Type "explorer" in the box, then press Enter to open a Windows Explorer browser.

Navigate to the folder that contains your CBZ file.

Right-click the CBZ file, and click "Rename" in the menu.

Rename the file extension from .cbz to .zip, and press Enter to save the change.

Double-click the renamed ZIP file to see the contents of the file. Most CBZ files contains JPEG comic book images.

Hold the CTRL key and press A simultaneously to select all contents of the ZIP file.

Hold CTRL and press C at the same time to copy the JPG files to the Windows clipboard.

Navigate to the folder where you would like to house the JPG comic book images.

Hold CTRL and press V at the same time to paste the JPG files to the folder.