How to Change the Print Cartridge on an MX300 Canon Printer

by Rex Molder

The Canon Pixma MX300 is a multifunction printer that can perform color and black-and-white printing, scanning, copying and faxing. For printing the unit uses the Canon FINE cartridge system, which consists of one black ink cartridge and one color ink cartridge. You can replace the cartridges separately as they run out of ink. The printer should display a low ink alert when a cartridge is close to empty.

Turn the printer on and allow it to complete the self-test.

Lift the printer cover and prop it open with the support located on the right side of the printer cover. Lifting the cover will prompt the print cartridges to move to the center so you can access them.

Press down on the front edge of the cartridge you want to replace to disengage it from the holder. Lift the cartridge out.

Remove the new FINE cartridge from its package, taking care not to touch the metal contacts. Remove the strip of orange tape from the bottom of the cartridge.

Place the cartridge in the holder, inserting the rear bottom edge first. Lift the front bottom edge of the cartridge to lock it into place in the holder.

Lift the top cover to disengage the support. Fold it back into place and close the cover. The cartridges will automatically move to the ready position and perform a cleaning cycle. Once the cleaning is complete you can print.

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