How to Change the Ink Cartridge on a Canon Super G3

By Nathaniel Miller

The Canon Super G3 is an all-in-one Printer, Scanner and Fax with photo print capabilities. The Super G3 is at home in the office or home office and can perform each of its duties simultaneously with others. With all of the hard work that the Super G3 puts in it will sometimes run out of ink. Replacing the ink cartridge in the Canon Super G3 is not that difficult and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Turn the printer around so you can see the back portion of the plastic cover. Flip the plastic tabs holding the rear cover in place and fold the cover down. The old ink cartridge will be visible in its cartridge cradle. Flip open the plastic tab holding the cartridge in place and pull the cartridge out.

Open the packaging on the new cartridge and examine it to make sure the cartridges match. Line the arrows on the cartridge up with the arrows on the cartridge cradle and gently push the cartridge into the cradle.

Snap the plastic tab closed to hold the cartridge in place and the close the back of the printer.

Turn the printer on and wait for it to equilibrate and recognize the new cartridge. On the display screen you can click "Clean" or go to Print properties on the computer and click on "Clean and Align."