How to Change a Canon Ink Cartridge

by Joseph Eitel

As the ink in the ink cartridge in your Canon printer begins to run low, you may find that the quality of printing deteriorates. Soon, your printer may not function at all. Replacing the ink cartridge is an easy task that requires little technological know-how.

Turn on your Canon printer and raise the lid located on the front. This should cause the cartridge carrier to center so that it's easy to access and in plain view.

Prepare your newly purchased ink cartridge for installation by removing it from its box and wrapper. Take off the cartridge's protective orange cap and the tape on the ink opening, which is usually located on the bottom of the cartridge. Set the prepared cartridge on a paper plate, which will ensure that ink doesn't get on your desk top, carpet, or any important documents you may have on your desk.

Remove the old ink cartridge from the Canon printer by simply lifting the small green lever on the ink cartridge carrier. Take note of how the cartridge was situated in the carrier, then gently take the old cartridge out of the printer.

Place the new ink cartridge in the printer carefully, and make sure that it's facing the same direction as the old cartridge. This may require a gentle, yet firm push of the new cartridge into the carrier, as you want to hear it "pop" into place.

Push the green lever back down and close the printer door.


  • check If the cartridge carrier does not center as instructed in step one, shut the printer door, turn the printer off for one minute, and then turn the printer back on. When you place the new ink cartridge into the carrier, the Canon label should be facing outwards. If, after several attempts, you are having trouble installing the new ink cartridge, visit the Canon website's download library for more specific instructions concerning your particular Canon printer model.


  • close Never touch the black and gold sensor located on a new ink cartridge.

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