How to Change a Bluetooth Passkey

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Updated July 21, 2017

Bluetooth Dongle
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Bluetooth enables you to pair devices to send data and browse information. When connecting two devices, Bluetooth requests a passkey, which is a code that must be entered in both devices being paired. This allows users to transfer data to the intended device and avoid sending it to other Bluetooth-connected users in the same area.

Unpair devices. Unpairing your devices will break the connection between them, and you will be able to pair them in a new connection. This also allows you to clear your connections and pair with other devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. To do this, select the device with which you want to break the Bluetooth connection, and select "Unpair."

Turn off the Bluetooth connection in all devices. This will restart the connection, and the devices you are paired with or have paired with in the past can be removed from the list. Afterward, switch on the Bluetooth connectivity in all devices you will be pairing.

Search for the other device you want to pair with. Using your sending device, select "Search for new devices" and wait until the other device shows up in the list. Select this device to connect to it. This will repair the devices together. When both devices are connected, you can send data between them.

Select the data you want to send to the other device. Click on options for the data, then select "Send via Bluetooth." You will be prompted with a list of all devices that your device is paired with. Select the device you want to send the data to. An input box will show up and you can type any combination of numbers to serve as your new passkey.

Enter the same passkey that you created on the sending device into the receiving device. They must have the same passkey so your data can be sent. After you have entered the passkey, the data will download immediately to the device you specified.

Items you will need

  • devices to be paired

  • new passkey