How to Change X Axis Values in Excel 2007

by Petra Wakefield

Excel 2007 automatically scales the axes on charts to fit your data range. However, sometimes your data may display better with different numerical values displayed on the x-axis of a scatterplot than those Excel chooses. In this case, you can manually set the minimum and maximum values for the axis and choose the frequency at which the values are displayed.


Click on the x-axis to select it. Click somewhere beneath the bottom horizontal line of the chart to ensure that you select the axis rather than the chart area.


Right-click within the selected area and choose "Format Axis" from the drop-down menu that appears.


Click the circle for "Fixed" next to "Minimum:" under "Axis Options" and type the smallest number you want displayed on the x-axis in the box to the right. Do the same for "Maximum:" but type the largest number you want displayed on the x-axis.


Select the "Fixed" circle next to "Major unit:" and enter a number in the box to the right if you want to change what numbers are displayed on the x-axis. For example, type "0.1" into the box if you want to display every tenth.


Click the "Close" button at the bottom of the "Format Axis" box to accept your changes.


  • check Click the "Number" option on the left side of the "Format Axis" box to change how the numbers display; you can change the numbers to scientific notation or time, for example.

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