How to Change Your Email Address on Your Amazon Kindle Account

by Michael Batton Kaput

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader allows users to download and read electronic books in the Kindle-specific format. It also allows users to send documents to their Kindle email address for file conversion. For a small fee, Amazon will convert the document to the Kindle format, allowing you to view it on your Kindle device. If you need to change your Kindle email address, or add another personal email address to your Kindle account, you can do so using the "Manage My Kindle" tool on the Amazon website.


Navigate to the Amazon homepage. Click "Manage My Kindle" at the bottom of the page. Type your email address and password in the appropriate boxes, then click "Sign in using our secure server."


Click "Edit Info" next to your Kindle's listing on the page that appears.


Highlight the text in the box titled "Kindle E-mail Address" and press the "Delete" key. Type a new address in the box.


Click "Update Information."


Type a new email address in the box under the heading titled "Your Kindle Approved E-mail List" if you wish to have your Kindle email address recognize your personal email address. This is necessary if you want to send documents for conversion to your Kindle email address. Click "Add Address" when finished.

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Brought to you by Techwalla
Brought to you by Techwalla

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