How to Change the Access Control Settings When Access Is Denied

by Jaime Avelar

As a Windows 7 user you may have run into the “access is denied” error message when you try to access a file or folder. Each file and folders have a permission associated with it, and users without access permissions will not be able to access it. Permissions are like rules that determine whether you can access a file or folder. Administrators are user accounts that have full control of a system and can assign permissions to individual users or groups.


Press the Windows Key and E to open Windows Explorer. Expand “C:\” and right-click the file or folder where you want to change ownership to launch the properties dialog window.


Click the “Security” tab and click the “Advanced” button. Click the “Owner” tab and click the “Edit” button to launch the “Advanced Security Settings” dialog window. Choose the new owner such as your user name and click “OK.”


Click the “Edit” button on the “Security” tab to change permissions. Choose your user name and check the box next to “Full control” to give you full control of that file or folder. Click “OK.”

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