Cerwin Vega D5 Specifications

By TS Jordan

Updated July 21, 2017

Not all speakers are created equal, with some being capable of reproducing a wider range of audio signals than others. Knowing the specifications for your chosen speaker type is therefore crucial, allowing you to see whether it suits your audiophile needs. The Cerwin Vega D5 is a mid-range speaker which can suit all but the most demanding.


The Cerwin Vega D5 is a 12-inch three-way speaker. Its listed frequency response is 32Hz-20Hz.

Power, Sensitivity, and Impedance

The power rating for the Cerwin Vega D5 is 5/150W. Its sensitivity goes up to 96dB. Its impedance rating is at 8 OHMS.

Other Features

The distortion of the Cerwin Vega D5 is rated at 0.6 percent, maximal output is rated at 117dB, it uses a self-resetting circuit breaker for protection, a tweeter for level controls and crossover frequencies of 700Hz/3500Hz.