Will the Cell Spy Pro Work on a Tracfone?

By Cynthia Murphy

Spying on cell phone calls is easy with the right software.
i cell phone image by MateiA from Fotolia.com

You can spy on cell phone calls and text messages with the aid of spying software. Keep in mind that you must have legal access to the phone in order for this type of monitoring to be legal. For example, a parent can use this technology to monitor a child's phone because it is considered family property. There are many options available. Most brands target particular cell phone models. Cell Spy Pro is one option that appears in numerous places on the Internet.

Cell Spy Pro

According to its advertising, Cell Spy Pro is a program that is supposed to allow users to monitor communication via electronic devices. The program is purported to let users listen to phone calls, view photos, read text messages and monitor call logs, and the manufacturer claims it works on any phone, including Tracfone as well as on laptop or desktop computers.

Fraud Warning

Cell Spy Pro has been identified as a scam on numerous consumer sites. Despite the promises made in the advertising, the software does not work on many smartphones. The code used to write the program targets older Bluetooth software. It has not been identified as malware, but it is definitely not a useful program.

Other Options

There are other programs available for monitoring cell phone calls. Mobile Spy is a well-regarded program that allows users to monitor calls and text messages. It also provides video and photo monitoring as well as GPS tracking. This software targets the business user, is designed to work on smartphones, and it is not compatible with the Tracfone.