How to Get Free Cell Phones With No Credit Card

By Liz Jacobs

You can get free cell phones in a variety of colors and sizes.
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Many companies will check your credit when you try to sign a cell phone contract. They will also usually ask you to pay for the phone after you sign the contract. You may get a discount, but that discount doesn't always cover the entire price of the phone. However, if you've never owned a credit card, and you have no way of paying for cell phones, you can still get free cell phones.

Hop on a family plan. Many cell phone companies have plans where a family member can get free phones to give to other family members just for signing up for the plan. If you have a family member with a cell phone, ask him to go to his cell phone provider and inquire about a shared family plan to get your free phone.

Use Worldmall. Worldmall gives free cell phones to people without requiring up-front cash or a credit card. Go to Worldmall to select your free phone (see Reference section).

Get a Tmobile Flex Pay Phone. According to, you can get a Flex Pay account without a credit check. With Flex Pay, you pay your phone bill in advance each month, but the charge is predictable. You won't be shocked by any surprise fees. To get a free Flex Pay cell phone, go to Best Carrier Deals (see Reference section). Scroll down to the Free Tmobile Flex Pay phone. Click on the link and place your order.