How to Get Free Cell Phones With No Credit Card

by Liz Jacobs
oval cell phone image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

Many companies will check your credit when you try to sign a cell phone contract. They will also usually ask you to pay for the phone after you sign the contract. You may get a discount, but that discount doesn't always cover the entire price of the phone. However, if you've never owned a credit card, and you have no way of paying for cell phones, you can still get free cell phones.

Step 1

Hop on a family plan. Many cell phone companies have plans where a family member can get free phones to give to other family members just for signing up for the plan. If you have a family member with a cell phone, ask him to go to his cell phone provider and inquire about a shared family plan to get your free phone.

Step 2

Use Worldmall. Worldmall gives free cell phones to people without requiring up-front cash or a credit card. Go to Worldmall to select your free phone (see Reference section).

Get a Tmobile Flex Pay Phone. According to Tmobile.com, you can get a Flex Pay account without a credit check. With Flex Pay, you pay your phone bill in advance each month, but the charge is predictable. You won't be shocked by any surprise fees. To get a free Flex Pay cell phone, go to Best Carrier Deals (see Reference section). Scroll down to the Free Tmobile Flex Pay phone. Click on the link and place your order.

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