Cell Phones Compatible With PictBridge

By Daniel Fox

PictBridge allows a user to print photographs directly from a cell phone.
i pictbridge button image by TEA from Fotolia.com

PictBridge printers allow you to print a photograph taken by your digital camera without the need for a computer to facilitate the process. A PictBridge-compatible camera connects to a PictBridge-compatible printer, and prints images taken directly from the digital camera. As many owners use a cell phone in place of a digital camera, a phone that is compatible with PictBridge offers the same advantage of printing directly from the phone without needing to connect or transfer the photos to a computer first.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is a touch screen phone with AT&T as its carrier. The battery provides talk time of 320 minutes on a 3G network. The screen is 3.2 inches wide. The screen resolution is 640 by 360 pixels. The phone uses the Symbian operating system. The Vivaz comes equipped with a digital camera. It has a sensor resolution of 8.1 megapixels and a still image resolution of 3264 by 2448 pixels. The digital zoom has four settings. The phone is compatible with PictBridge.

Nokia E55

The Nokia E55 is unconnected to any particular service provider and comes unlocked. It weighs 3.4 ounces and comes in a black aluminum body. It is compatible with both Bluetooth and PictBridge. It runs the Symbian 9.3 operating system. It has a 2GB microSD flash memory card. The phone comes with both CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology which allows you to activate the E55 with any carrier in the United States. The camera on the phone has a resolution of 3.2 megapixels.

LG Rumor Touch

The LG Rumor Touch is a hybrid phone with Sprint as its carrier. It is a touch screen phone with a pullout QWERTY keyboard. It has a width of 2.2 inches and a height of 4.2 inches. It weighs 4.7 ounces. The talk time on the Rumor is 420 minutes. The phone supports AOL, Yahoo! and MSN messaging services. The digital camera has a sensor resolution of 2.0 megapixels and four different setting for the still image resolution. The camera is capable of taking black and white photographs, which can be printed directly via the LG Rumor Touch's PictBridge compatibility.