How to Find a Cell Phone Number for Free Online

By Deanne Lachner

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Finding people through their cell phone numbers online is difficult, especially if you don't want to pay for the service. However, a number of online sites and search engines exist to help you locate a person's cell number, which you can try before paying for your answer.

Step 1

Type the person's name or address into your favorite search engine. Occasionally, you might get lucky and be rewarded by a search result containing the person's website, which lists all the information you need.

Step 2

Visit the Abika site (see the resources section) and try a few of the links to different cell phone look-up sites. Be aware that many of the sites appear free yet ask you to pay for information. The "free" sites often have paid advertising that offers to locate any information you want--for a fee. Watch out for those ads.

Step 3

Try the Phone Books site (see the resources section). Enter the address or name and find out whether a mobile phone is associated with either.

Step 4

Attempt to locate a cell number using the Find Cell Phone Numbers site (see the resources section). Once again, beware of the results being offered for a price.

Step 5

Enter either the cell phone number (to find a name using a "reverse search") or the address and name (to find a cell number using a "forward search") at the Cell Pages Free Cell Phone Directory (see the references section). If a result is found, however, you will have to pay for it.