How to Link a Cell Phone to a Home Phone

by Katherine Harder

Call forwarding is a lesser-known service that all major cell phone carriers provide. Numerous scenarios exist where the ability to forward a call from your cell phone to another cell phone or a landline is advantageous. For example, you might want to get all of your business cell phone calls forwarded to the same line when you're at your home office, or you might want to forward your cell phone calls to your friend's home phone because your phone's battery is losing its charge.


Dial "*72" to start the process in most areas; for upstate New York, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Indianapolis, Houston, Chicago, Arkansas and Austin, dial "*71."

Dial "1" after you enter the code, and enter the phone number where you want to receive your calls, remembering that the three-digit area code comes first.

Send your call using the appropriate button on your phone. You should hear a tone confirming that you've completed forwarding your phone.

End your call.


Enter "*72" onto your keypad.

Enter the home phone number, area code first, to which you want to forward your cell phone calls.

Press "Send" or whatever the "call" button is on your cell phone. Wait for a message or tone confirming the forwarding process is complete.

Terminate your call.


Enter "*72" onto your phone's keypad, and call the number. Wait for a dial tone.

Enter the home phone number to which you want to forward your calls, remembering to start with the area code.

Answer the home phone to which you forwarded your cell phone call to complete the process. Repeat the process for a second time in fewer than two minutes if you can't answer the phone where you're forwarding your cell phone number. Listen for two beeps to confirm completion.

Press "End," or end the call in a way appropriate for your specific phone.


  • check To make sure your call forwarding attempt worked, try your number from a different phone. Your cell phone shouldn't ring, only the phone you forwarded it to should sound; with a Sprint phone, you'll hear one short, clipped ring.


  • close Check with your service provider before forwarding calls to make sure no fees are involved. The service is typically free and included in most plans, but some carriers charge extra for forwarded minutes, depending on your account.

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