How to View Cell Phone Web Activity

By Richard Bonilla

A cell phone's Internet browser can keep a record of web activity.
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Web browsers store information about a user's web-browsing activity, and mobile phones have access to viewing and monitoring web activity. However, users seeking to view cell-phone web activity must have a registered online account with a service provider and a mobile web browser with a "History" feature. Viewing web activity can help a user monitor the amount of data used, preventing any additional charges from a service provider.

Open the cell phone's web browser. Select the "History" option to read a list of the names of past websites visited as well as times they were viewed.

Connect to the website of your phone's service provider and log in to view your bill. Select the "Data" option of your cell phone.

View the past data charges. Service providers do not provide the names of websites you have visited, only the amount of data used and the time the website was accessed. To view the names of these sites, use the "History" option on your cell phone to view activity.