What Causes High Speed Internet Connections to Disconnect?

by Heather Topham Wood

Nothing can be more frustrating than having problems connecting to the Internet with your high speed connection. You will find that there are common issues that can affect your connectivity, and most are usually resolved with some basic troubleshooting. If you continue to suffer disconnection issues frequently, contact your high speed Internet service providers to determine how to fix the problem.

IP Address Issues

If your IP address is not configured correctly to work with your high speed ISP, you can have problems getting on the Internet. In Windows, you can type "ipconfig /all" into the command prompt in order to view the IP address assigned to your computer. This number should match the one provided by your Internet service provider. If it does not, this could be the reason you are experiencing the connection problems.

Internet Connection Disabled

Another common cause of disconnection when using a high speed Internet service is the connection has been disabled on your PC. To determine if this is the issue, open "Network Connections" from the "Control Panel" on your Windows OS. You can view your different Internet connections on this page. If your broadband connection displays a status of "Disabled," right click on the icon. Select "Enable" from the menu to restore the connection.

Ethernet Cable and Card Problems

If you receive an error message that states "Network Cable Unplugged," this indicates that the PC cannot detect the connection to your broadband router. Try a different Ethernet cable to see if your current one is faulty. Resetting the modem can also sometimes help resolve this issue. A malfunctioning Ethernet card can also cause high speed Internet connection issues.

Router Issues

A problem with your broadband router can also cause you to disconnect from the Internet. Any type of red indicator light appearing on the router lets you know that the connection has been interrupted. Check all of the cables leading into the router, as well as reset the device to determine the problem.


Although you may experience high speed Internet connection issues, dial up connections are more likely to disconnect frequently from the web. Dial up modems take longer to access a connection, and can often experience problems if they are unable to detect a dial tone.

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