How to Get Cash for Your Old Computer

by Contributor

Considering upgrading your Computer or want to needing to parlay some of your equipment to make rent? There's some quick ways to liquidate what you have laying around the house to bring in some green. Here's how.

Consider taking a few snapshots of your equipment, write up an ad and put it up on Craigslist. If you give an adequate description, you will find people who can buy it up fast. Another place you can post your ad on

If you want to put up an auction to see exactly how much money you can get out of the equipment, consider Ebay. A seven day auction will yield the most money you can get out of the auction (and some eBay fees too.)

Take your equipment to a local charity and ask for a tax deduction for your taxes. While this isn't cash, it is money you can save on your taxes which is a win-win.

Take a minute to surf over to EZtradein to see what you can make fast and simple (link below.) At this website, you fill out an estimator form to find out your computer system is worth. Once you have decided if the offer is fair, the website offers a label to be printed out on your computer and mail it off. You get the check only a few days after mailing in your items.

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