How to Cash a Check From PayPal

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PayPal allows users to send and receive money quickly for both personal and business transactions using more than 117 million PayPal accounts across the world. Whether from a sale or a personal transfer of funds, you can withdraw money from your PayPal account through a bank transfer, through a PayPal debit card or by requesting a check. Cashing a check from PayPal requires sending through the request and then cashing the check just as you would any other.

Step 1

Log in to PayPal and place your cursor over "Withdraw" on the Overview menu toward the top of your PayPal account page. Select "Request a Check."

Step 2

Type how much you want to withdraw in the Amount field and select the appropriate address from the drop-down menu for PayPal to send the check.

Step 3

Endorse the check when you receive it and take it to your bank. Present it to a teller and ask for cash.

Take the check to the bank that issued the check or an alternative check-cashing agent if you do not have a bank account. These places include grocery stores, discount stores or check-cashing agencies. Endorse the check and present any required supporting information required, such as a picture ID.


  • Cashing the check at a location other than a bank where you have an account will likely cost you a service fee.


  • PayPal charges users to withdraw funds through a check ($1.50 as of late 2012). Transferring funds directly to your bank account is free.


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