How to Carry Over a Verizon Cell Phone Number to T-Mobile

by Rob Kemmett
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If you plan on leaving your contract with Verizon to start a new one with T-Mobile, but would like to keep your phone number, you’re in luck. T-Mobile permits new customers to transfer their phone numbers from competitors, including Verizon. You aren’t charged an additional fee for the transfer. Before you switch your Verizon phone number to T-Mobile, check T-Mobile’s database and see if your phone number is eligible for transfer.

Step 1

Go to T-Mobile’s eligibility website. Enter your Verizon telephone number into one of the provided phone number boxes and click “Eligibility.” If your phone number is not eligible for transfer, you may not keep your Verizon phone number if you switch to T-Mobile. If your phone number is eligible for transfer, do not cancel your current Verizon subscription. If you cancel your Verizon subscription, your number will not be able to be transferred.

Step 2

Call T-Mobile at 1-800-866-2453 to speak with a customer care representative and sign up for a contract.

Step 3

Tell the customer care representative that you wish to keep your existing phone number. Give the customer care representative your Verizon phone number, including area code. T-Mobile will contact Verizon and complete the transfer for you.

Wait 24 hours for the transfer to be completed.


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