About Car Stereo Installation

by Charles Pearson

There was once a time when car owners were lucky to get a radio. But since then, car manufacturers have often included the latest in sound equipment technology. But many car companies cut costs by installing very cheap radios and stereos in their car models. For those who like quality music while cruising, a car stereo might be a reasonable investment. Also, car stereos are very easy to install.


Car stereo installation varies depending on the type of car you have. Once you have determined the type of car you have, you might have to modify this guide to the model and make of the car you drive. This guide will consider how to install a car stereo in a Toyota Rav-4.

Materials Needed

The installation will require a #2 Phillips screwdriver, a 8 mm socket wrench, a solder/crimper, a voltage meter and a small battery. You might also need wire ties and electrical tape in order to keep the wires of the car stereo in place.

Removing the Original Radio or Stereo

The original radio or stereo needs to be removed first. This is where the screwdriver comes in. Remove the screws that hold the front panel of the radio or stereo and put them somewhere where you won't lose them. Take the front panel out. There is a second panel that you need to pull gently until it unsnaps. Then unscrew any screws or bolts that hold in the radio or stereo. Pull out the radio or stereo. There should be a cable that connects from the radio or stereo to the car. Unplug it.

Wiring the New Radio

Plug the cable of the new stereo into the car. Put the new stereo in place and screw any screws or bolts into the stereo. Make sure to screw the screws in perfectly perpendicular to the radio in order to avoid ruining the screw. Screw everything in until it is very tight. Replace the plastic panel and screw it in tight. Do the same for the front panel.

Hiring Someone Else

There are several automotive companies that provide car stereo installation services. Also, some electronics stores like Best Buy and Circuit City install car stereos that are purchased from the store for free. The installation is a relatively simple process and it is unlikely that you will run into problems when hiring someone to install a car stereo.

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