How to Capture Silverlight

by Heath Gordon
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Silverlight is rapidly becoming the industry standard for streaming video distribution. Owned by Microsoft, it is meant to replace the flash video player. Capturing the streaming video allows you to watch shows later at your own convenience. Learn how to easily capture Silverlight.

Step 1

Open the window and web page that contains the streaming video you want to capture. Next, open "WM Capture."

Step 2

Click "Settings" in the WM Capture window. You need to make sure that everything will record correctly. Click "Audio Setup/Test." Click "Test" when the window opens. It should say OK. If not, load a different audio setting in the drop-down menu, and then test again until it says OK. Click the "OK" button.

Step 3

Click "Recommended Settings." Choose the type of video recording that you want to make in the window that opens, then click "OK." Click "OK" in the settings window.

Step 4

Click "Get Window" in the WM Capture. Move your mouse over the video that you want to capture, then click on it. A green line should appear around the video. If you want the area captured to be bigger or smaller, resize the box by clicking and dragging the corners. Now click "Record" in the WM Capture window.

Click "Stop" or close the video window when you are done recording. WM Capture stores all of your video for you. To view your previously recorded videos, click the "View" button, and then double-click on the selection that you want to watch.


  • If you want higher-quality video recording or your computer slows down, make the recording window smaller.


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