How to Capture & Burn Streaming Audio to a CD

By Maya Austen

Capturing streaming audio from the Internet and burning it to a CD is simple, provided your computer has the right type of equipment and software. You can record an audio stream from the Internet in real-time as it’s coming down. However, to later burn this recording onto a CD you have to make sure your recording specifications are consistent with typical CD quality recordings.

Record Internet Audio Stream

Step 1

Download and/or install audio editing software onto your computer, if necessary. You may choose one of the three free audio editing applications provided in Resources below, or shop around and select your own.

Step 2

Open your web browser and go to the website which has the audio stream you would like to capture. Minimize the window for your web browser, but do not close it.

Step 3

Launch your audio editing software. Set your software to record in stereo, at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, with a16-bit resolution.

Step 4

Initiate the record mode on your audio editing software. Restore your web browser window, then begin playing the audio stream. Your audio editing software will capture the streaming audio.

Step 5

Select “Stop” on your audio editing software when you reach the end of the audio stream.

Step 6

Edit out the silence captured at the very beginning and end of your recording, if applicable.

Save your recording. When choosing your save as file type, select “WAV.”

Burn WAV File to CD

Step 1

Download and/or install CD burning software onto your computer, if necessary. You may choose one of the two free CD burner applications provided in Resources below or shop around and select your own.

Step 2

Launch your CD burner software. Insert a blank CD-R disc into your computer’s CD burner.

Step 3

Select Audio CD when choosing the type of CD you would like to burn.

Step 4

Find and select the “Add a file” option, then browse to find the WAV file(s) you just created in the previous section. Add them to your compilation list.

Find and select the option to “Burn to CD.” All of the files listed in your compilation list will then be burned to your CD-R disc. Do not forget to also select the option to “finalize” your CD, otherwise you will not be able to play the CD you’re creating back in CD player devices.