How to Know When Caps Lock Is on With a Gateway Keyboard

by Ryan Casima

Gateway keyboards are only sold together with Gateway computer systems. The confusing part about the Gateway keyboards that are bundled with Gateway computers is that they do not have any LED lights that show whether the CAPS lock, NUM lock or other features are turned on or off. The upgraded Gateway keyboard models, which are more expensive, have lights that show if CAPS lock and other features are on or off.


Press the CAPS lock key on your keyboard. If any lights on your keyboard turn on or off, that shows that CAPS lock was either disabled or enabled. When the light turns on, it means that the CAPS lock is enabled. If the light is not on, the CAPS lock is disabled. Skip this step if you do not have any lights on your keyboard.


Open a program such as Microsoft Word or Notepad. Type in a few characters on your keyboard. If the letters are all capital, that means that CAPS lock is turned on. If they are lower case, CAPS lock is turned off.


Click the CAPS lock key and look in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. If you are using Windows, a small notification should pop up saying that the CAPS lock feature was turned either on or off.


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