How to Find the Capacity of a C Drive on My Dell Computer

By KR Knowlin

Keep track of the storage available on your Dell hard drive to keep the computer functioning at its best. Finding the total capacity of your C hard disk enables you to better determine how much space you have left to download files and install applications. This prepares you to uninstall programs you don't use or delete unnecessary files before they take up too much space on the C drive.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button on your taskbar.

Step 2

Select "Computer" from the "Start" menu. The Computer folder launches.

Locate the "Local Disk (C:)" icon. The blue percentage bar of the icon indicates how much disk space you are currently using, as well as the total capacity of the hard drive. For example, "100 GB Free of 160 GB." In this example, the capacity of the C drive is 160 GB.