Capabilities of the iPhone

By Jim Campbell

Use your USB data cable to connect your iPhone to your Windows Vista computer.
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The iPhone is a smartphone that has a touch display screen, data service, an MP3 player and the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The iPhone is manufactured by Apple, and several generations have been released since 2007. The iPhone has several capabilities in addition to being a cell phone.

MP3 Player

The iPod was released before the iPhone, so Apple integrated an iTunes application that plays songs similarly to the iPod. The iPhone cannot store as many songs as the largest iPods, but you can store your favorite collection and listen to songs anywhere while traveling. The iPhone app for listening to songs works just like iTunes. You can randomize songs and set favorites to play more often.


FaceTime is a type of video conferencing. If the phone call recipient also has an iPhone, you both can speak to each other while having a view of the other person on the phone. FaceTime is a proprietary video conferencing application made for the iPhone and the iTouch. FaceTime is not included with older iPhone models, but it is available with the 4 model.


With the iPhone introduction, Apple also introduced an App Store. Apple's App Store contains thousands of available apps for the iPhone. Some are free, but others cost money to download. These apps run on the iPhone and are launched from desktop icons added to the home screen on the phone. You can install, search and remove apps on the iPhone.

Data Network

The iPhone lets you connect to a Wi-Fi network or connect using a data network. This connection lets you browse the Internet on your iPhone. The iPhone's touch screen lets you use a touchscreen keyboard, and you navigate through Web pages using your fingers. You can also bookmark websites and save them on the iPhone.