I Can't Get Into the Menu of a Sanyo MTS TV

By Anthony Oster

Losing access to your TV's menu will prevent you from adjusting your set's picture settings.
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Sanyo Multichannel Television Sound (MTS) TVs have a wide array of features built into them, including advanced audio and picture settings that may be accessed through the TV's menu. Without access to your TV's menu, color and picture settings and your TV's audio settings will not be able to be altered or saved.

Power-cycle Your TV

Many technical problems with your Sanyo MTS TV may be solved by performing a power-cycle on your TV. Power-cycling discharges the stored memory on your TV that can cause your menu buttons and other front panel access functions to malfunction. To power-cycle your TV, unplug it from the wall. Press and hold the "Power" button on your TV's front panel for 30 seconds. Plug the TV back into the electrical outlet and try to access the menu function again.

System Reset

The system reset button will restore your TV to the original factory settings, including all audio and picture settings and any other settings that may have been altered through the service mode. The "Reset" button is located on the factory-issued remote control that came with your TV. Press the "Reset" button twice to return your TV to its factory settings.

Universal Remote

Universal remote controls offer an affordable option for customers wishing to replace a lost or broken TV remote. Although your universal remote may restore the basic functions of your TV remote control, advanced functions including accessing the TV's menu may not be accessible through universal remote controls. Purchasing a universal remote control created by Sanyo may give you access to the system menu and other advanced features.

Front-Panel Access

The front panel of your Sanyo MTS TV can operate your TV in the event that you have lost your remote control. The front panel gives you access to the input and channel selection, volume control and system menu of your Sanyo TV. If your front panel has been damaged due to age or use, it can be repaired by a qualified repair center. Due to the high voltage stored in CRT TVs, this repair is not recommended for novices.