Why Can't I Find My Friend on Twitter?

by Aaron Wein
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Twitter helps provide a different level of social networking interaction, giving people access to instant status updates or breaking news from news outlets, professional athletes or celebrities. You can also stay in touch with friends through Twitter by following your friends' pages. Of course, this starts with you actually finding your friend's username. Twitter provides two different methods for searching for a friend: by name or email address. If you cannot find your friend using one of the methods, try the other.

Step 1

Log in to Twitter and click the "Discover" button at the top of the page.

Step 2

Click "Find Friends" to view the Find Friends page.

Step 3

Type your friend's full name or username into the "Search" field and click "Search Twitter." Or if you can't locate your friend by name, you can search by email address. Click "Search Contacts" next to your desired email provider, enter your username and password and click "Allow."

Click "Follow" next to your friend's name to follow him. If you do not want to follow him, click your friend's name and click "Go To Full Profile" to browse the person's profile.


  • New accounts may not show up in search results immediately and may take a few days before they appear.
  • If your friend has not properly filled in her profile information, you may be unable to search for her by name.
  • Users who are inactive appear further down the search results list, making some users hard to find.


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