Canon MX870 PDF Conversion

by Lara Webster

The Canon MX870, an all-in-one printer that includes a scanning function, allows you to save any scanned document as a PDF. Once a document is scanned to your computer, converting it to PDF format takes just a few seconds. In order to open PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader or another PDF-reading application installed on your computer.

Scanning Documents

Before you can convert a file to the PDF format using your Canon MX870 printer, you must scan the document so a copy of it exists on your computer. The printer comes with an MP Navigator EX software download, which helps you communicate with the printer and is necessary for quick file conversion. Documents and photos are scanned by placing the item face down in the scanning platen and selecting the type of document in MP Navigator EX. Once you click "Scan," a copy of the document or photo appears on your computer screen.

Saving as PDF

The simplest way to turn a document or image into a PDF file on a Canon MX870 is by saving it as a PDF at the time of scanning. Regardless of the format the scanned item was originally created in, it can be saved as a PDF. After a document has been scanned, it is saved in the "Photos/Documents" tab of the "Scan/Import" window of your MP Navigator EX software. Click on the file you want to turn into a PDF and then choose the "Save as PDF File" button in the bottom left corner of the window.

Converting to PDF

If you already saved a scanned image in another format, such as a JPG image file, you can still convert it to PDF format. After opening the "View and Use" window on MP Navigator EX, check the box under the document or image you want to convert; if you want to include multiple scanned pages in the same PDF, check the box under each page. Clicking the "Create/Edit PDF" icon will bring up a screen where you can rearrange the pages and then save in PDF format.


After you convert a document to PDF format, it is possible to rearrange pages, as well as add and delete pages, from within MP Navigator EX. As long as the PDF was created in MP Navigator EX, going to the "Create/Edit PDF" option allows you to make changes to the document. During the save process, a password may be added to protect the PDF, and keyword search either enabled or disabled.


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